Monday, October 24, 2011

You Know You Are a Runner When...

I have never considered myself a runner. I only started running a few months ago and sometimes I only run three times a week. I am still very new to this sport and have a lot to learn about running. But lately I have begun to realize that I may, in fact, actually be able to (proudly!) call myself a runner.

I get more excited about buying new running clothes than real clothes. With the cold weather rolling in I have been in need of some warmer running attire. Now, like most girls, I LOVE to shop. I love buying new clothes and love the start of each new season because it means I get to buy new clothes. Well now it also means I get to buy new running clothes. I bought two long sleeve running tops today while at the mall and it was by far the purchase I was the most excited about.

All I think about is running, and I am perfectly okay with that. Ever since running a half marathon started to feel real I haven't been able to stop thinking about running. Sometimes I have a hard time paying attention in class because I am thinking about my run that day. I am always thinking of new ideas and inspiration for running. And I am completely okay with all of this.

I am trying to convince everyone I know to start running. Seriously. I have been trying to sign my boyfriend and dad up for races, and I am already planning on eventually running a marathon with my super fast marathon rock star cousin. I tell everyone how much I love running and how beneficial it is to all aspects of my life. I want everyone to join in on all of the fun I am having at races and training for races.

I am working on cleaning up my diet and losing some weight, because it will help my running. I have always been a pretty healthy person but I have lost some of my healthy living habits over the past two years when I quit swimming. Despite gaining a little bit of weight I couldn't seem to find the motivation to get back to my former healthy lifestyle. Until I realized how much it would help improve my running.

I plan my days and weeks around running. Balancing college and training for a race plus trying to have somewhat of a social life can be rather difficult. If I know that I have a bunch of exams in the same week I typically try to cut back my running that week so it doesn't end up suffering. With every ounce of free time that I have I try to figure out when I can get my running. I don't think about getting in some extra studying, I am trying to make sure I get in that tempo run.

When did you realize you were a runner and completely in love with this sport?

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  1. haha!!! love this friend! i could relate to every single thing!!! i think when i actually started to "crave" a run in order to start my day or as stress relief...or could tell a difference if I did not run that day...i knew I was a runner! ha!