Saturday, January 7, 2012

Learning How to Ski

On Thursday I went skiing for the first time. My boyfriend is an excellent snowboarder and is always begging me to learn so we can go together. I'm not sure why but snowboarding freaks me out. I guess just being sideways? Not sure.

Well, I finally caved and decided I should learn how to ski at least. So I enlisted the help of my dad who has been skiing since he was little. We went to a ski place about 35 minutes away and signed up for the beginner package. It included an eight hour lift ticket, ski rentals, and a lesson all for $40. Serious deal if you ask me!

Luckily there was hardly anybody there when we arrived so we had lots of space to practice. I was really surprised how much upper body strength I was using to go cross country style. It took me awhile to figure out how to stop and turn but eventually I got the hang of it. And to my surprise the only times I fell were when I needed to stop but didn't know how to.

I am still not sure that skiing is going to be something that I will love doing but it was a nice change of pace to learn something new. Hopefully the next time I go I can advance to a beginner slope instead of just the bunny slopes!


  1. Ha! You are better than I am...I'm scared to go skiking because I know I will look like a fool and not go anywhere. I will just stand there waiting for the snow to move

  2. I still have never gone skiing! Every year I say I am going to try and never do. Glad you had fun

  3. What mountain did you go to? I love skiing but it's hard to find places around here- Liberty and Whitetail are the best I know of. The problem with skiing is that it's so expensive to do often- sounds like you got a great package deal though.