Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring Semester Goals

Goal 1: Participate with Russian Club more
During the fall I joined the Russian Club and met some really amazing people. We had meetings a few times a month and three parties throughout the semester. The one thing that I did not participate in that I really wish I had was the bake sales we had to raise money. Helping out at the bake sales is a great way to get to know people even better. I want to be able to establish a better relationship with the friends I have already made.

Goal 2: Participate in Relay for Life
I was looking into other clubs to possibly join this semester and discovered Relay for Life. It is too late to help with planning the event but I really want to raise money and participate in the actual relay. A lot of people in my family have dealt with cancer and I want to do something to give back to them but being a part of such an amazing event. Plus I think it will be so much fun to get a group of friends together and make some great memories. 

Goal 3: Form better study habits
When I was in high school I never procrastinated and was always ahead when it came to schoolwork. Ever since I got to college, however, and had more time I started doing schoolwork at the last minute. I wasn't studying much for tests and was just doing enough to get by. If I want to focus on training I am going to need to really buckle down and do my assignments with plenty of time. I am planning on doing the majority of my schoolwork in the library this semester where there will be minimal chance of getting distracted by something.

Goal 4: Stay organized
This past semester was my first living in an apartment by myself and more times than not it was really messy. It is hard to always keep it neat and organized but I really need to find a place for everything and develop some kind of system for cleaning. I don't want to have to put cleaning on my to-do list every single day anymore. Plus having an organized apartment will help me stay on task with training and not procrastinating on schoolwork.

Goal 5: Try new things
This is probably the thing that I need to focus on the most. I am an incredibly shy and introverted person so sometimes getting out there and trying new things is difficult. I am starting to realize, though, that I am really missing out on a lot of great opportunities by not getting a little of my comfort zone. I also want to be more open to trying some crazy things that I will only get to experience in college. I don't want to do anything too out of control but I don't want to look back and regret not living it up while in college. 


  1. The Russian club sounds interesting. Do you speak Russian? I went to St. Petersburg last summer and loved it there.

    1. I know a little. I am still in the beginner classes but I really like it :)

  2. I can totally identify with #5... I was terribly shy when I was younger! The only thing that helped me really come out of my shell was forcing myself to do things outside my comfort zone. It was hard at first but once I realized how much I was missing out on there was no turning back.