Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I Need Advice! Please!

Okay so as you probably all know I ran my first half marathon on Saturday. I haven't run since then so I could recover properly but I am dying to head out for a nice run tomorrow. I have had this itch to run since Saturday but I didn't want to push it.

My dilemma is that I found a 5-mile race this weekend that I want to do. I am going home this weekend and it just so happens that there is a 5 mile race through my favorite parts of downtown York. The race is on Sunday and the course is pretty much flat.

I do not want to race this but rather just use it as a fun run that is conveniently in my home town. I don't think running 5 miles will be a problem as long as I don't really push it. Plus there is complementary yoga before the start of the race.

So I am asking you guys, what should I do?! Is it too soon to do another race or no big deal as long as I take it slow?!

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