Monday, October 3, 2011

College Clubs & Organizations

Being at a new school has presented me with a whole bunch a chances to do something new. Last year I passed up so many great opportunities because I was scared and honestly, lazy. If something was completely new to me I would bail on it so I wouldn't be put in any kind of uncertain situation. This didn't work out too well for me and now I regret all of the things that I didn't do.

So far this school year I have been trying new things whenever possible. I have found some things that work for me and some that don't. I have gone to various club meetings, including Russian Club, Yoga Club, Veggie Club, and Running Club. While the Veggie Club is way to bold for my taste, the Russian Club was just what I was looking for. The people are incredibly friendly and I have already met some awesome people through it.

The club I was the most excited for was the running club but they ended up being much too fast for me. The club is made up of predominantly guys who run at a 6:30 pace. I do not run at a 6:30 pace or any pace close to that. I went to one meeting and one run but I am waiting until my half marathon is over with before I go back. I want to meet some people that I can run with but most of these people are just too fast for me.

The yoga club is the other club that I have been really enjoying. This isn't as much of a club as student lead yoga classes. Either way I am loving being able to attend yoga multiple times a week for free. Plus everybody is very friendly and one of my new friends from the Russian Club attends weekly.

The great thing about joining a club or organization in college is the many free opportunities that are available. It is such a great feeling to be able to go to a meeting for a club and know that all of the other people that are there are interested in at least one thing that I am interested in. Sharing that common interest really allows people to bond and form friendships.

My goal for myself is to be as outgoing and friendly as possible in order to meet as many new people as possible, and hopefully make amazing friends!


  1. love your goal of trying new things! sounds like you have some amazing opportunities at your school and have already found some awesome clubs! seriously so cool!

  2. I was lazy when I was in school and I totally regret it. It's awesome that you are looking to try new things. The yoga club sounds awesome!