Thursday, December 11, 2014

York YMCA Turkey Trot 5K 2014

Before we get into the race recap can we just discuss that Thanksgiving was TWO weeks ago?! I have been swamped with schoolwork the past few weeks and have completely lost all sense of time. This is my favorite time of year so I'm trying to find a balance between finishing my last semester of college strong and watching all the Christmas movies.

After my half ironman my plan was to take some time off structured training and then do an express training cycle to try go get myself a shiny new 5K PR. Instead, I let writing papers and studying for exams consume all my time. I got in a decent amount of running but never really put in any real work. I think I did one progression run and no runs over sixty minutes. Of course this meant I still wanted to try to PR.

When race morning rolled around I felt far from ready to lay down a solid race. Racing is a mindset and I just didn't feel there. I did a quick warm up to try to get myself into race mode and ended up running into a good friend that I used to swim with. We ran a 5K together over the summer and had a blast so naturally we decided to run this race together also.

For the first time maybe ever, I was blissfully unaware of what pace we were running. I let go of running a PR and instead ran this race in thanks of all of the amazing people in my life. I felt happy and peaceful the entire time, something that rarely happens when I race. As a really competitive person sometimes it can be hard for me to let go of the clock and run for the enjoyment of running. This Thanksgiving I ran for myself and for my dad and it was the perfect race.

Finish time- 27:04