Sunday, October 23, 2011

What's Coming Up Next: Races

Ever since running the Baltimore Half Marathon a week ago (!) I have been planning all of the races that I want to do over the next few months. It is difficult for me to plan out everything but there are some races that I definitely want to do.

November 24, 2011- York YMCA Turkey Trot 5K
I am running this race with my dad, boyfriend, and possibly cousin. I have run this race with my swim team many years ago and absolutely love it. It is such a fun atmosphere and great local race. I am also hoping to set a PR at this race. I am using these next few weeks before this race to start incorporating some speed work into my training. I am hoping this will help me PR in the 5K and ultimately the half marathon.

December 3, 2011- Hot Chocolate 15K (Washington DC)
This is a race that I have been going back and forth about running. I really want to do it, and this girl is going to be there, but it is only a week after my Thanksgiving 5K and it costs $65. This seems like a lot for a 15K. We do get a super sweet jacket and lots of hot chocolate though. My main reason for not doing this race is that I would have to drive into DC the day before to pick up my packet and that may be difficult. I'll decided about this race in a few weeks.

March 17, 2012- Rock n' Roll USA Half Marathon (Washington DC)
This is my next big race. I am already signed up so I am doing this race, no questions about it. I am already working on a training plan for this race. I am really excited to be able to participate in another great race that is only about a 30 min drive away. I know a lot of people have done this race in the past, when it was the National Half Marathon, so I would love to hear your opinions. Anybody running it in 2012?!

May 6, 2012- Frederick Half Marathon (Frederick, Maryland)
I am not sure if I am going to end up doing this race but it is on my calendar for now. It is a great small half marathon that isn't too far away. The only issue is that I like my races to be big city spectacles and this race is pretty low-key. I want to get more practice running half marathons though so I will probably end up doing it.

June 9-10, 2012- Multiple Sclerosis 150 (Kent County, Maryland)
No, I am not running 150 miles. This is a bike event. No, I am not biking 150 miles either. There is an option to bike 150 miles over two days but my goal is to complete a metric century (65 miles). My boyfriend has been doing this event for a few years now and I have always wanted to try biking at an actual bike event. I may wimp out and just decided to volunteer like I did last year though. Even 65 miles is pretty far.

September 6, 2012- Rock n' Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
I really want to do this race. I have never done a race in Philly and I think it would be great practice for another race I plan on doing in Philly later in the year. I know the courses will be different but I want to use this race as a practice run for my other weekend in Philly. Primarily I want to look into hotels and navigating Philly during a big race.

October 13, 2012- Baltimore Half Marathon (Baltimore, Maryland)
I did this race this year as my first half marathon and I am absolutely doing it again next year. I absolutely loved the course and really everything about the race. I think I love everything so much because it has sentimental value for me. Plus it is only about 15 min away so I won't need to get a hotel and my family can come watch again.

November 18, 2012- Philadelphia Marathon (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
Yep, you read that correctly. I plan on running my very first marathon next year in Philadelphia. I thought about running Baltimore as my first full but I don't really think I want to run all those hills in the middle of a marathon. Luckily the Philadelphia course is supposed to be very fast. And this race is most definitely going to be a big city spectacle.
As you may have noticed I don't have anything planned for the summer. I want to use the summer to focus on triathlons and give myself a little bit of a break from running. I am just going to do some local triathlons since I am just getting started. 

You may have also noticed that I don't have many short distance races on here. I fully plan on running some 5Ks and hopefully 10Ks but I will decide on which ones as they get closer. Most 5Ks don't sell out so I will add these to my schedule as I feel necessary.

Have you done any of these races? Any advice or suggestions? Anybody planning on doing these races next year?

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  1. I am running both the hot chocolate 15k and the rock and roll nation's capital!! I ran the national half last year (before it was rock and roll) and it was great. I'm very impressed with your planning ahead, I only have a few races lined up through March!