Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspired by The Ironman World Championship & Chrissie Wellington

As many of you know the Ironman World Championship was on Saturday. Even though I spent most of the day completing my last long run I managed to squeeze in some Kona watching in between my runs.

Even though I am nowhere in the shape I would need to be right now, completing an Ironman is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time now. I watched bits and pieces of the race, but most importantly the male and female first place finishers. Craig Alexander and Chrissie Wellington, of course.

I couldn't help but tear up when I saw Chrissie cross the finish line in first place, despite being in a terrible bike crash only two weeks ago. Her swim was significantly slower than normal, and she was in fourth off the bike. But she is a true champion and pushed on despite her injuries. When fellow competitor Mirinda Carfrae started closing the gap on Chrissie towards the end of the race it was unsure if she could hold onto her well-earned lead.

Chrissie doesn't quit though. She never once let up and started running easier just because she was finally in the lead. She made no excuses despite everything she had been through. Better yet, she had a huge smile on her face the entire time. She even attempted a Blazeman roll after crossing the finish line but had to cut it short because of her road rash.

I was so inspired by watching this race, and especially Chrissie. Watching athletes like the ones at the Ironman World Championship makes me want to strive to be the best athlete that I can be. To push myself beyond what I think possible. I want to go into races knowing that I did everything I possibly could.

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  1. so true! i LOVE watching events like the Ironman...seriously inspiring! and some incredible athletes!