Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Don't Settle for Less Than the Best, Be the Best

Since running my very first half marathon on Saturday, I have been designing a training plan for my next half in March. I have been trying to think about what I want to achieve from this race and how to achieve those goals. In doing all of this I started thinking about what kinds of training elite and professional runners do.

I have always been involved in some type of athletic activity: soccer and dance when I was a kid, swimming growing up and through high school, and now running. I was a pretty successful swimmer, qualifying for nationals, but I never really reached my full potential. 

I have always settled for being mediocre and for no good reason at all. Now I know I will never be as fast as a Kenyan, and I am okay with that, but I sure as hell can be better than I am now. I have only been running for a few months now, and most of my training has been extremely inconsistent. 

I started wondering what I could achieve if I really put my heart and soul into running and trained consistently. I have absolutely no idea what I could I achieve, but you know what, I want to find out. I want to be a runner.

I know I have the drive and determination to do great things, and honestly I am so sick of just settling. This is my life and I should strive to achieve the best for myself. I am only sabotaging myself by not putting my all into my training. 

I am ready to be happy and proud of myself and to be the best version of myself. I want to know that I put my all into everything and that I deserve to do great things. 

And this goes for more than just running. I don't want to settle for a B in school when I know an A is possible with an extra hour of studying. I want to be the best sister, daughter, friend, student, girlfriend possible. 

I think it is really important, though, to make sure that I am only doing the things that I love and that I would to dedicate myself to. With passion there really is nothing anymore. 

I have big dreams for myself, I always have and I always will. I don't want to be what is holding me back any longer. I want to do an Ironman someday, I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon someday. If I never achieve the goals I set for myself I want to know that I gave it my all and couldn't have tried any harder.

No day but today. Get moving and start achieving those dreams!


  1. LOVE THIS POST!!!! wow. truly amazing and inspirational. so true that you will never know what you are capable of until you try! thank you so much for sharing!

  2. It's great that you are already setting your sights on your next goal and future goals! I also dream of BQing one day! :)