Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hitting the Trail

When I ran on Monday I was terrified that something horrible had happened to my lower right leg. I could barely make it one mile before I had to turn around and walk home. Today I decided to try running on the trail near my house to see if my leg felt any better running without doing hills and running on a softer surface. Well, I set out to do 3 miles this afternoon and was able to run all three! My leg was a little tender in the beginning but once I got warmed up I felt great. I ran three miles in just over 32 minutes! I am going to try running on the trail more with hopes that it will help my leg and prevent other injuries.

However, I am still playing it safe with my leg and am thinking about investing in a pair of compression socks. My legs swell a fair amount when I run and I think the socks would also help my leg. I know nothing about compression, or even where to buy them. Please help me out! I really need advice people!


  1. Glad your legs felt a little better today! I've struggled with shin splits, and running on softer surfaces definitely helped. I also think compression socks could make your legs feel better. I have two pairs of CEP compression socks that I often put on after long runs to help with recovery - my legs always feel so much better when I do! You can order them online, but I think you can usually find them at specialty running stores. Some people prefer the sleeves, but I like the feeling of the full socks.

  2. so glad to hear that you are feeling better! i am obsessed with CEP compression socks. they are AWESOME but kinda pricey. I got mine off ebay for half the price!

  3. Running trails is definitely easier on the legs, so keep up with that until you're back to 100%. Investing in compression socks is a great idea too, you can find them at most running stores. If the pain continues though, go see a PT. You don't want it to get worse and find out that it's too late, especially if it's something serious! Just listen to your body and don't force anything if you are in pain.