Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly To-Do List

I was supposed to do the recovery video of Insanity today but I ran out of time. I had a business assignment and a nutrition assignment that took way longer than expected, plus I took the boyfriend shopping for some shorts and new sneakers today. I looked for some new running shoes that will be good for my over pronating feet but I didn't like any of the ones I saw. I tried on the pair on Nike Lunarglides +2 but they didn't offer much support so I was pretty disappointed. But I helped Callen pick out some shorts to take on his trip to Arizona and the Grand Canyon and some new sneakers that will help with his flat feet. I did get a new pair of shorts from American Eagle, though.

Since my parents were in Hawaii this past week Callen stayed up here with me for most of the week. I loved the extra time I got to spend with him and not having to deal with having parents around. I am pretty bummed that he is going away for the week with his family though. I got very comfortable with him staying over every night and waking up in his arms. But he will be back next Monday, which isn't too horrible. With him being away I am looking forward to getting a lot done this week and focusing more on my training.

Here is what I have lined up for the week:
1. International Business exam tomorrow
2. Sign up for 5K
3. Go grocery shopping
4. Buy new running shoes
5. Get facial
6. Read Kara Goucher's new book
7. Buy some short sleeve running shirts
8. Find 100 contacts for Cliche
9. Find a dress for my cousin's wedding
10. Get allergy shot

Good luck to Page, Keri, Emily, Beth, Corey, Aron, Susan, and everyone else running Boston tomorrow!

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