Monday, April 11, 2011

2 miles

As part of my training plan for my 5k in May and my triathlon in June I ran 2 miles today. Well actually I ran 1.35 miles and walked the last .65 because my shins were really hurting and I didn't want to get shin splints this close to the race. However, I do need to find some stretches or something to help prevent getting shin splints. Back when I was running in Pittsburgh I got this pain in the side of my shins, not the front, that lasted for at least a solid month. It hurt while swimming, going up the stairs, and even just sitting down. As much as I don't want to get shin splints, I want to stick to my training plans.

So tonight I ran 1.35 miles at 12:17 pace, which is around my normal pace. I am really having a lot more trouble than I anticipated with running. My legs are just not fans of moving a whole lot. When I swim I basically just use my arms and let my legs float. But I am hoping that eventually I will figure all this out and my legs will move when I want them to.

In addition to the run, I also did some push ups on the stability ball and some tricep dips. I didn't want to do much strengthening today since I normally do a bunch on Tuesdays, but I wanted to do something other than just the run.

Tomorrow I am going to complete my usual Biggest Loser workout in addition to a nice swim. I have really been craving an outdoor swim and even though I can't use an outdoor pool a swim would still be very refreshing.

PS. Insanity should be here Wednesday! I am so excited to get totally ripped!

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  1. Have you tried a run/walk method? I used that when I first started to run and it helped me ease into it!