Saturday, August 13, 2011

6 Miles

Yesterday morning I set out to run my first 6 mile run. This is the farthest I have run so far since this is the first time I am training for something longer than a 5K. When I ran 5 miles two weeks ago I struggled throughout the entire run. It was way too hot, I was dehydrated, and just miserable. After that run I was pretty nervous going into my 6 miler yesterday. I knew I wanted to run it between a 10:44-11:44 pace, which should be doable. I still was really anxious about the run though. I started off at an 11:20 pace, which felt really comfortable. My goal was to stay at a comfortable pace the entire time and not worry as much about speed. The first three miles went by quickly and comfortably, and I was really excited to turn around and head back. My pace kept increasing as I ran but I still felt comfortable so I just stuck with it. With about one mile to go, a man was smoking on the trail. It was a pretty windy day so all of the smoke was blowing in my face for over half of a mile. It was absolutely dreadful and caused me to have a lot of trouble breathing. Overall it was a great run though, and now I am really excited to tackle 7 miles next week!


  1. yay!!! loved reading this and so glad you had an awesome run!

  2. Yayyy! Just take it a little at a time! Nice run!

  3. woooo hooo! who cares about pace as long as you FEEL GOOD. that's my life motto. great job, despite the cigarette smoke. that's the worst! blah.


  4. Congratulations! Great job on the run! I'm glad to hear it went well for you. You were smart to not worry about pace and just stick to what felt good.

    And I have a really hard time running by smokers too. I know trails are public places and outdoors, but I really wish there were laws against smoking in areas where a lot of people are exercising.