Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shin Splits? Or Something More?

I have been dealing with a pain on the inside of my lower right leg for awhile now. I first thought it was a shin splint but nothing was making the pain go away permanently. I tried icing it, rest, stretching, cross training, and taking ibuprofen. At this point I am worried that something is really wrong and I am not just dealing with a shin splint.

The problem is that I am supposed to be starting half marathon training but it hurts to run. I tried to run yesterday but I could barely run a mile because the pain was so bad. I am going to try running on the trail tomorrow to see if the hills have anything to do with the pain but if it still hurts really badly than I will have to go to the doctor.

If anyone has any ideas for stretching or what may be happening to my leg I would love to hear them!


  1. Pt time! I hate to say it but from someone who knows this tale all too well, just go get it checked out, better Noe than later when it is a real problem.

  2. ahhh! I am so sorry to hear that you are dealing with this. I know so little about shin splints...but I agree...if it continues and keeps you from being able to work out...I would get it checked!

  3. I'm no doctor, but if you have already rested for a week and it's still there, go to the doctor!! I'd hate to see something worse happen!

  4. Oh no:( That sounds pretty bad. If you've already tried all of the icing/stretching/resting than it definitely sounds like it's time for the doctor:( I'm sorry:(

  5. Oh man! This is a bummer :(

    I would say rest and go to the dr. For stretching I like to keep my running shoes on and then kneel down on the floor with my butt touching the heels of my shoes. Really sit into it and you should feel a stretch.

    Hope everything goes well for your trail run!

  6. I went through a period where the front of one shin hurt despite my streching/icing/rest. I ended up running with a compression sleeve just on that side, it was a HUGE help. The problem just went away on its own after that.

    But I think most people have sound advice, check with your doctor first.