Thursday, April 21, 2011


Workout: 2.65 miles

I went out for a run today in my new shoes and it was awesome. I felt great and powerful and strong. I was not over pronating nearly as much as I ever have before and I was not having any knee pain at all. I did some hill work too, which went surprisingly well. I was really impressed by how much better my breathing was today too. Instead of running the whole time I decided to walk for one song and then run for one. I ended up running more than running because I was feeling so good, and according to my Garmin my fastest pace was 9:34. I was really happy with this pace because I was by no means trying to run fast. I am just focusing on getting into the groove of running and getting my body accustomed before worrying about speed.

I also did Pure Cardio for Insanity today. I have not done this workout yet but I really liked it. I am noticing that my running is getting significantly better since I started Insanity. I am quicker, my breathing is better, and I am stronger. My legs are pretty sore from Pure Cardio plus my run but they still feel pretty good. Tomorrow I am supposed to do Plyometric Cardio Circuit in addition to another run of 2.25 miles. I am hoping to do more than 2.25 miles as long as I am still feeling good.

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  1. Glad you had such a great run. Insanity seems like a tough workout to me!