Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Triathlon Training Plan

With my triathlon coming up in a little more than a month I wanted to establish my training plan and go over why I designed it the way I did. First, I found an online training plan from Tri Newbies as my base. Then I decided what I wanted to incorporate into my training any how often. I decided on 8 things:

1. Running- 2
2. Biking- 2
3. Swimming- 3
4. Brick workouts- 1
5. Yoga/Pilates- 2
6. Insanity- 3
7. Strength- 2
8. Rest days- 2

I only wanted to run twice a week because the brick workout really makes it three times and I don't want to do more than three runs a week right now. I am going to do one easy 30 min run a week and then a long run later in the week. I did the same for biking except for one day will be hills and the other a long ride. I know I need to work on my hills so that will be the more important of the two. I went with three swims a week because I really haven't been swimming much since my surgery in January. The swim should be my strongest part but if I don't start spending more time in the pool it surely won't be. I went with one brick workout because it will enable me to work on going from biking right into running but still will give me enough time the rest of the week to work on the other things that I need to conquer. I wanted to make yoga and pilates a part of my training plan to make sure that I actually do them. I need to work on my stretching, flexibility, balance, and core which both yoga and pilates will help me do. Insanity is going to be a huge help with training for this triathlon. I can tell the difference in my running after doing just one week of Insanity. It will be important for each leg of the race. I also wanted to include some specific strength workouts because I have a tendency of ignoring strength training when I am running. I know how important strength training will be, especially to the swim, so I wanted to make sure I was getting it done. And since I am usually too busy on the weekends to get much training done I decided to make both Saturday and Sunday rest days. If for some reason I get time to include a workout on the weekend it will only be additional yoga or pilates so that I don't overdo it.

I then took each aspect and figured out which days I would be doing what.

Sunday: Rest
Monday: Insanity, running, swimming
Tuesday: biking, strength, swimming
Wednesday: Brick, Insanity, yoga/pilates
Thursday: biking, strength, swimming
Friday: Insanity, running, yoga/pilates
Saturday: Rest

Overall I am happy with this training plan and I think that it will help me to successfully complete my first triathlon.


  1. your training plan looks awesome! and very balanced! good luck :)

  2. I like your training plan. Good luck :)

  3. Wow! That's quite the plan! It looks awesome! Insanity kicked my stash last summer! Just when I thought I was super fit and could take on the world, Shaun T came into my life! haha

  4. Great plan!! You're going to be busy!! That's very exciting though, best of luck to you :)

  5. Great Plan. I am attempting my first tri on june 26th and I'm so nervous!!! I don't so much have an exact plan right now except running a little spinning and swimming enough to be confident that I won't drown. I need to work on my plan.