Sunday, April 24, 2011

Upcoming Week

With my 5K less than three weeks away I am trying to really buckle down and stay committed to my training plan. Last night my dad & I went out on a practice ride on our mountain bikes to make sure they were working well. We rode around 5 easy miles before deciding to go to Rita's for some dessert. I got a mango gelati with vanilla custard and my dad got a strawberry-kiwi ice. It really hit the spot after our quick ride. I was going to go out for a run last night but it was storming pretty badly after our ride so I didn't make it out.

This morning we hit the trail again for a nice 10 mile ride. I don't know how fast we were going but my legs were pretty tired by the time we were done. I really need to start biking more to get ready for this triathlon. Even though we rode on a flat surface the whole time I did feel relatively confident that I could complete the 15 miles for the triathlon. I just need to work on doing more hill work. Once I get my racing bike I should be able to tackle more hills. Hopefully.

When we got home I decided to continue my workout by doing Cardio Power & Resistance of Insanity. It was the perfect workout for how tired my legs were. This workout has more upper body moves than the others, which gave my legs the break they needed. After I (barely) finished, I hopped in the shower before sitting down with my family for a late Easter lunch. I had some wonderful veggies that tasted like perfection after my workout.

My training for this week looks like this:
Monday       run 2.5 miles, Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, swim 45 min
Tuesday       bike 10 miles, Plyo Cardio Circuit
Wednesday  run 2.5 miles, Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs, swim 45 min
Thursday      bike 6 miles, Cardio Recovery
Friday          run 2.5 miles, Cardio Power & Resistance, swim 45 min
Saturday      rest


  1. That's a full week - good luck with it all!

  2. Thanks for checking out my blog!! excited to follow you on your journey as well :)

    Way to go on the workouts this week. Also I LOVE Rita' jealous. I have not had that place in forever. YUM!

    Have a good night :)