Friday, May 4, 2012

I Found My Running Mojo

After expressing my frustration with running lately and my decision to take a much needed break I am happy to report that I am ready to run again. It has been almost three weeks since I have laced up my sneakers for  a run, and although I was definitely not planning on taking so much time off I really needed to. After running in my moms Brooks Pure Cadence just before my running hiatus I decided to get a pair for myself. I liked the idea of wearing a lighter weight shoe and had read how a lot of people who overpronate and usually run in the Adrenalines were able to easily switch to the Pure Cadence.

My beautiful bright new shoes just arrived and as soon as I got them I wanted to try them out. But I knew that I needed to transition into them before setting out for a regular run in them. So I did a three mile loop in them alternating walking and running. My stomach was a little funky during the run portions but regardless it felt amazing to back out there. I was going so slow that I turned off my garmin and just went by feel. It was really refreshing to not be constantly checking my watch. I want to try doing some of my recovery runs without a watch during marathon training so that I don't go too fast.

Later that night, my boyfriend asked if I wanted to go shopping for new running shoes with him. He is more of a cyclist but has been getting into some running lately and wants to eventually run in Vibrams. We went to a local running store and while he tried on shoes I wondered around and tried not to buy everything there. In the end I only ended up getting some more gels and chews to try, but boy was it hard not to go crazy. 

After spending a good hour there I officially was ready to run again. Luckily for me my boyfriend and I are supposed to go for a run on a trail near his house this weekend. And only two more weeks until I am done with finals and school for the semester and am able to return to my favorite running routes back home!

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