Monday, May 14, 2012

Insanity Kicks My Ass Every Time

Since I haven't been running much lately I wanted to find a way something to supplement my triathlon training. I turned to the one thing that I knew would give me a great workout no matter what, Insanity. I have used Insanity before and I need to say that every single time it kicks my ass. No other workout pushes my entire to its limit like Insanity does.

My plan for now is to do Insanity three times a week until it is time to taper for my triathlon. I am going to be following the order of the workouts on the Insanity schedule just so I don't have to decide which workouts to do. Insanity will never come before a tri specific workout though. It is only to be a supplement to my training.

So far I have only done two of the Insanity workouts (plyo cardio circuit & pure cardio) because I wasn't feeling too hot last week. There is no way to finish an Insanity workout without every inch of your body begging for rest and covered head to toe in sweat. No matter how much it hurts I push through the pain because I know how good of a workout I am getting.

The one thing I wish was different with Insanity is the amount of strength training. Insanity is an absolutely amazing form of cardio but I think something like P90X is better if you are looking to build strength. Other than that I think Insanity is the best cross training out there.

What I am most excited for, though, is using Insanity for marathon training. I am not sure if I will regularly keep up with Insanity once July rolls around but Insanity is going to prepare me for marathon training like nothing else can. A lot of people have used Insanity as a form of pre-training for running and swear by their results.

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  1. i have been reading about Insanity a lot lately! now i just need to get brave enough to try it:)