Sunday, May 6, 2012

General Smallwood Training Week 6

Along with week 5, week 6 was not my best training week. The stress of finals really got to me but I still managed to get in some good workouts.

Monday was part of my self sabotage mission. I don't think I did anything productive on Monday, making it a rest day.

Tuesday morning I woke up determined to make this a great week of training after all. I did a 30 minute trainer ride to kick off my day, and finished up with Insanity Max Recovery in the afternoon.

Wednesday ended up being another rest day but only because my stomach was in a world of hurt. I think it is stress but my stomach has been hurting pretty badly almost every time I eat.

On Thursday I decided to end my running hiatus. The plan was to do three miles nice and easy, but my stomach didn't want to run. I ended up doing a three mile run/walk loop around campus.

On Friday I did another three miles running and walking. I fell and twisted my knee during Thursday's outing and I was feeling a little pain on Friday so I didn't want to push it.

Despite the rain outside preventing me from swimming, I still managed to squeeze in a twenty minute trainer ride followed immediately by Insanity Core Cardio & Balance. This was the best workout I had all week and really left me ready to take on Sunday's workout.

Another unwanted rest day due to stomach troubles. Definitely bummed but I wasn't going to chance heading out with an iffy stomach.

Weekly Totals
  • Swimming: 0 
  • Biking: 50 minutes
  • Running: 6 miles
  • Insanity: 70 minutes
  • Total hours: 3 hours 23 minutes
I started the week off in a bad place. I was mad at myself and skipped workouts because I felt helpless. Based on how the week started off though I am pretty happy with the workouts I did Thursday through Saturday. Even though it wasn't the best of weeks I am motivated and ready to take on the next week. 

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  1. this is a new week! definitely be proud in the fact that you did what you could last week! good luck in the week ahead:)