Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Going Swimming

Yesterday I had a really great workout. I also finished up physical therapy. I started my internship with Cliche Magazine. And I signed up for my English class over the summer. Overall, it was a good day. Tonight I am going to Callen's house since he is having his wisdom teeth out tomorrow morning. But soon I am going over to the gym to get in my first swim since November. I am so excited. It feels great to be back in a bathing suit and I imagine it will feel even better once I am in the pool.

As for last night's workout, here is what I did:
bike for 50 min- level 7 ride in the park
30 kettle bell swings
2 x 25 squat jumps
10 dips
2 x 15 single arm fly-aways
2 x 15 frontal dumbbell pull ups
2 x 15 lateral dumbbell pull ups
2 x 30 arm raises
2 x 4 min boxing

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