Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Run Shannon, Run!

In the fall I was inspired to run a marathon.. except I never actually ran it. I wish I had the motivation and endurance to run a marathon but I really do not right now. However, on my quest to run a marathon, I have decided to start running again. I found a 5K race in my hometown that I want to run simply to see where I am at. I have been biking a few times a week and doing some light weight work but I really need to kick my training into high gear. I decided to subscribe to Runner's World Magazine, and I bought the book Run Less, Run Faster for some quality inspiration. I recently got a stability ball and a punching bag so I really plan on upping my workouts. Tomorrow I am going to go for a morning run, followed by some boxing and weight training. Hopefully my body can handle this.

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