Friday, March 18, 2011

Race Schedule

With three 5K races in the next few months I decided it was really crucial that I come up with a training plan ASAP. Since I haven't done training for running before I decided to try Hal Hidgon's training plan. The plan is 8 weeks but since my first 5K is in 4 weeks I just added the 5K into my training plan. If all goes well I hope to use Hal Hidgon's training plan again when I attempt my first half marathon this fall. Here is a general idea of what my 5K training plan looks like:

Sunday: Cross Training
Monday: 1.5-3 miles gradually
Tuesday: Cross Training
Wednesday: 1.5-2 miles
Thursday: Cross training
Friday: 1.5-3 miles gradually
Saturday: Rest

For my cross training I am going to incorporate biking (inside & outside), swimming, boxing, and yoga. It is so important to be flexible and well stretched for running, which is where yoga comes in. Swimming is my absolute favorite form of cardio as I used to be a competitive swimmer for the past 11 years. And biking is a great way to get outside and really enjoy nature.

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