Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Work It

Last night was my crazy insane biggest loser workout. I sweated a lot and pushed myself to go way more than I thought I could. But I wish I would have done more. I know it sounds crazy but I wanted to be really sore today and I am not sore at all. My legs, however, are pretty dang tired. They weren't too bad when I woke up but now they are really feeling it. I was planning on doing my 1.5 mile run today plus some boxing and ab work, but my Tv and ipod are not working right now, and I really don't have the ability to exercise without distraction. Instead I came up with a workout plan for the rest of the week. Yay!

Since I didn't get any exercising in today I probably shouldn't have had so much too eat, but I am working on that. So far I have had some cooked spinach with Mexican cheese, two pieces of toast with bananas, honey, and cinnamon, carrots with hummus, a three cheese ziti lean cuisine, and an orange. I really need to cut back on how much I am eating if I am going to lose any weight. I weighed in this morning at 138.5, which is nothing special. I am hoping that once I really kick up my workouts that some of this weight will start to come off.

I have decided to skip the first 5K that I was going to run because it is in a few weeks and I really do not have enough training under my belt yet. I want to just focus on training for the 5K in May. I am also trying to find a 10K to run somewhere local. I want to train for something longer than a 5K but shorter than a half marathon. But so far I haven't had any luck. As of right now I am going to run the Baltimore half marathon in October. I also plan on running a 5K Labor Day Weekend and one on Thanksgiving.

All of these races mean that my training is crucial right now. I wanted to come up a plan that lays out what I need to do each day in order to achieve my goals. Although I love biking, I really need to spend more time building my cardio stamina by running either on the treadmill or outside, preferably outside. I was supposed to run 1.5 miles today but that is not going to happen so I am just adding to tomorrow's training. Here is what my training for the tomorrow of the week looks like:

Walk 3 min @ 3.7
Run 1.5 miles @ 5.0
4 x 25 alternating abs
4 x 25 stability ball hand offs
5 x 1 min forward plank
5 x 1 min side plank
16 min elliptical
5 x 10 power jumps
4 x 25 squat jumps
4 x 25 kettle bell swings
4 x 15 kettle bell rows
30 min bike

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