Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ways to Be Healthier

1. Keep allergies under control
2. Keep watching your waist
3. Get your cholesterol checked
4. Sit in the nonsmoking section
5. Sleep better
6. Appreciate your mate
7. Have more satisfying sex
8. Stay in touch with friends
9. Keep on top of stress
10. Keep your finances in order
11. Find positive coping strategies
12. Check up on feeling down
13. Maintain your sense of purpose
14. Hug your dog
15. Pet your cat
16. Keep having a healthy morning breakfast
17. Eat more grains
18. Keep reaching for fruits
19. Vary your veggies
20. Eat more nuts
21. Go easy on the junk food
22. Love life without meat
23. Get hooked on fish
24. Start taking D
25. Keep up the diversity in your diet
26. Keep up the cardio
27. Keep on stepping
28. Keep building strength
29. Keep up your flexibility exercises
30. Create a workout that works for you

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