Monday, March 28, 2011


I am so happy to be starting a new week. Not that last week was particularly bad, but I just have a lot of things that I am looking forward to this week and in the near future.

First off, I just landed an internship with Cliche Magazine as a PR/Marketing intern! I am so excited. I have been applying for a bunch of internships and think this one is the perfect fit for me. The magazine is really cool and fresh, and my position sounds awesome. I will be using social networking sites to promote the magazine and find people that are interested in the magazine. When I applied for this internship I applied for a writing position in the fashion section but since they do not need any more writers at the moment I am going to be working in the PR/Marketing department. I am seriously so very excited for this. I am committed to 15-20 hours a week, which is a lot for me so hopefully everything will go smoothly for me. I will be starting ASAP :)

Second, I have decided that in addition to running I want to do a few triathlons. I have a wicked swimming background and with all the training for running that I am doing I am sure to kick some booty in a triathlon. I found a triathlon June 5 in Assateague Island Maryland that I really want to do. My family always vacations on the Virginia side of Assateague and the running course goes right through a bunch of wild ponies. When I heard about the ponies I was sold. The race is 1/4 mile swimming, 10 miles biking, and 3 miles running. I think I can handle this, and so I am going to start training for my first triathlon as a college student.

Finally, Callen mentioned that he may be going to Australia for the summer and I would be able to come with him if he goes. Now I know it isn't likely that we will go this summer, but I have always wanted to travel and this would be the perfect opportunity. We would be going for almost the whole month of July and staying in an apartment together. If the Australia trip doesn't work out we are discussion going to the Caribbean for a couple of weeks. I am hoping that if we do go to the Caribbean we can go to Costa Rica or the Galapagos Islands. I want to see nature and go on adventures.

Tomorrow I have an early morning. I have to get an allergy shot, then Tuna and I are going to Towson to shop for dresses for my cousin's wedding, and then I am going to see my surgeon at Hopkins. Hopefully I will get the okay to start swimming from the doctor. I have been dying to get back in a pool and just swim. Callen is coming up again tomorrow night so I think I am going to convince him to go to Rita's with me. I have been really craving some fruit punch Italian ice with vanilla custard.

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