Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This Week Is Off to a Rough Start

I haven't been doing so great with hitting my workouts this week. Luckily it is the beginning of the week so I still have time to redeem myself/make up missed workouts later. After last weeks 7 miler I was so excited for this weeks runs. I was going to nail them all and kick some booty. Except that isn't how this week has been going down.

Yesterday I was planning on doing 4 miles easy. Sunday night I saw that we were supposed to get freezing rain all day on Monday though. So I decided to move my run to the treadmill. How hard could 4 easy miles on the treadmill be? I made it about twenty minutes before calling it a day. I would always rather run outside than on the treadmill. It's a fact.

The goal for Tuesday was an 8 mile long run on the trail before heading back down to school. I bonked during last weeks 7 so I bought Nuun and a GU to try out. I was really excited for this run because the longest training run I have ever done is 7 miles. I got to the trail, started running, and couldn't stop smiling. (I love running?) I only made it about a mile before the trail turned into a giant slushy mess. I was going to try to run in it but I kept slipping. And that was the end of that run.

I know you could say I should have tried to run somewhere else where there wouldn't be slush everywhere. But no thanks. I try to do all of my long runs on a flat trail because if not my IT bands lose their marbles. I would rather push my run to later in the week if it means running a route that is better for keeping my body happy & healthy.

On the agenda for the rest of the week:
  • Wednesday: Insanity Recovery
  • Thursday: 30 min AM swim, 8 mile long run PM, & 1st day of classes
  • Friday: 3 miles recovery AM, 3 miles tempo PM
  • Saturday: 5 miles, maybe a bike ride?
  • Sunday: rest 

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