Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Epic Workout That Wasn't

Last night I had an epic workout planned for while I watched Biggest Loser. I was so psyched for this workout because I really wanted to push myself and see what I could do. But my epic workout turned out to be not so epic.

Because it was so cold outside yesterday I decided to try my speed work run on the treadmill. I thought it would be great. Let me tell you, it wasn't. I don't mind running at a comfortable pace on the treadmill but running almost as fast as my body will let me just sucks. And not in the hurts so good kind of way.

After deciding I would do my run inside, I thought it would be a good idea to bike afterwards. I planned on biking for 45 minutes at a pretty easy clip. I thought it would be good to spend more time on the bike since biking is not my strong point.

Then, I planned on getting back on the treadmill to finish my workout with an easy 2.5 mile recovery run. I loved the idea of doing a speed run, biking, and doing a brick all in one workout. All afternoon I was so excited for my epic workout.

Right at 8 I hopped on the treadmill and did a half mile warm up. After, I was ready to run fast. Or so I thought. I did my first half mile repeat in 3:39 for a 7:19 pace. For the first part of the repeat I felt good, strong. But then I started to die. I forced myself not to change the pace. I was so happy to be done but wondered how I would be able to do three more repeats all at increasingly faster paces.

I decided to do my half mile recovery run and then decide whether I would increase the speed or not. I felt great during the recovery run so in the end I did decide to up the speed. Big mistake.

Again I started the repeat feeling strong but about half way through I really felt like I couldn't run anymore. I wanted to throw up and was becoming increasingly dizzy. I, somehow, finished the repeat and did my recovery run but then decided I was done for the day.

I was so upset about quitting only half way through my first of three workouts, but my body was just not up for the challenge. I have been struggling with finding the best ways to fuel my body and I think I ate too soon before my workout yesterday.

I am taking this as a learning experience to be more careful about what I eat and when I eat it before running. Here's hoping next weeks speed work goes better. I will also probably never attempt fast running like that on a treadmill.


  1. I can relate about speed work on the TM. i think it feels hard for me regardless of when i do it...but on the TM it feels a million times harder for some reason. i try to avoid it at all costs but sometimes i just cant! haha!

    hope you are feeling better had an intense workout planned! wow! dont stress about not getting it in...sometimes our bodies are just not feeling it but you have an awesome workout coming up soon...i am sure of it!

  2. I've definitely had similar experiences and it's always due to poor meal/snack planning on my part.
    I definitely like to have a TV with a good show on for when I do speed work on the treadmill!

  3. I always seem to make the food mistake espically on my runs after work when I'm hungry before I even leave my desk.

    Plus, speed work is hard on the treadmill.

  4. i have noticed that some days on the treadmill I can really dial in and kill it, but most of the time it just feels harder than running outside