Thursday, January 12, 2012

Not the Best of Weeks

Honestly, I haven't done too much this week. I haven't been feeling very well and just couldn't get myself to do anything productive. I wanted to get in a bunch of runs this week but I never felt up to it.

Ever since after the Baltimore Half Marathon I haven't been as motivated to run. I thought it was just because my big race was over and I had off time before I needed to start training for my next big race.

I was so excited to start training for my upcoming half marathon but then I would hardly run. The less I ran the more frustrated I was becoming. It felt like a never ending cycle and I started to feel trapped.

As the race is starting to creep up on me I am realizing that I need to really commit to my training. I love Christine's idea of using a dry erase calendar to keep track of workouts. 

At least for now I am also going to do all of my runs at whatever paces feel comfortable. I still want to do tempo and interval runs but I am not going to stress over exactly how fast they are.

I want to get back to running for fun and to relieve stress. Hopefully I will have some great posts throughout the next week about all of the awesome workouts I have been doing.

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  1. Sometimes I get in a workout funk too. It's hard to shake but then I appreciate running so much more. You'll get back :)