Sunday, January 22, 2012

Back To the Slopes

Since I go back to school on Thursday, my dad and I decided to go skiing again on Friday. We went up around 2:30 to get in some skiing before we met up with the boyfriend and his brother. My boyfriend loves snowboarding and is really good at it so I wanted to get some more practice before he got there.

We did a few runs on the bunny slopes before I decided to try a beginner slope. I was surprised with how much better I was this time than my first time. I was really nervous about the ski lift but I never fell once. I actually didn't fall while skiing at all, but I did fall over while walking once because I lost my balance.

Before I knew it I was actually skiing down a beginner slope! I didn't know how to turn very well so for the majority of the day I would just go almost straight down. My dad said I was going like a kamikaze but I that was all I could do.

Eventually I figured out how to turn and zig zag down the slope with out hurting my knees. I wouldn't say by any means that I am ready for a more advanced slope but I could see a huge improvement over last time. I think next time I am ready for longer skiis since I have really tiny ones now.

I'm not sure with the weather we've been having plus being in school if I will be able to go skiing again this year but I can't wait to see how much better I can do!

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