Sunday, July 3, 2011

Keystone/Baltimore Training: Week 2

5K @ 9:00
I loved this 5K and hope to do it again next year. Unfortunately, I hurt my knee after the race so that is why there is no other running this week. This was much faster than my previous 5K and my second split was the fastest.

Swim 1,700 yards
Every time I swim I am feeling so much stronger and faster. I haven't been paying too much attention to my times since there is no clock at the pool but I can feel that my arms are remembering how to swim.

Kayaking 1 hour
I was supposed to swim today but I chose to go kayaking with my Dad instead. It was a great upper body workout but was so relaxing at the same time. It's nice not to have to religiously stick to the swimming part of my plan.

Walk 25 min
Took Gracie for a walk on the trail since my knee was still feeling funky. Didn't want to mess anything up so just went slow and let Gracie lead the way.

Bike 14.5 miles @ 12.86 mph
I hadn't biked in awhile so my Dad and I just went super slow and chatted the whole way. It was nice to go farther than planned but still not feel like death. I really need to work on picking up the pace on the bike though.

Went to look for apartments all day Friday so I really didn't have time to do anything. I just moved my rest day from Saturday to Friday.

Walk 25 min
Took Gracie for another walk on the trail. I was going to go for a 5 mile run but decided to play it safe. I really hope this extra rest will help my knee bounce back and not lead to any further complications.

Weekly Totals: 4 hrs 12 min
Running: 3.1 miles, 28 min
Biking: 14.5 miles, 1 hr 9 min
Swimming: 1,700 yards, 38 min
Other: Walking, 50 min, kayaking, 1 hr 11 min

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