Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Too Hot

Things have been crazy around here and as a result my blogging took a hit. Unfortunately, so did my training for a little. It was nice to have some extra rest days though to relax and regroup. I went for a 3 mile run this afternoon in the 90 degree heat and almost died. I should have brought my water bottle with me but instead left it in the car. HUGE mistake. I had to take a couple walking breaks and was pretty dizzy by the time those three miles were up. It has been super hard to run lately with this insane heat. The bad news is that it is only supposed to get hotter throughout the week. Hopefully it will cool down some so I can get some killer workouts in.

Tomorrow I am going to Pinchot State Park, which is where my triathlon will be taking place. I have never done any type of open water swimming so my goal for the day is to get my first OW swim in and practice some sighting techniques. I also want to ride the bike course and see how hilly it is. I am horrendous at climbing on the bike and I want to be mentally prepared for how many hills I will have to tackle come race day. I will be reporting tomorrow about how the day goes so check back tomorrow!


  1. totally feel you about the heat...so tough to run in. good job on pushing through it today. excited to hear about how your workout goes tomorrow!!

  2. It is so freaking, crazy hot here too.