Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tentative Fall Race Schedule

As many of you may know I am racing my first sprint triathlon at the end of August. I am super excited about this race and training for it has been going pretty well. Something you might not know if that I am planning on going to school at UMBC (University of Maryland Baltimore County) in the fall. Last year was my freshmen year of college but it didn't exactly go as planned. I started off at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall and ended up coming home for the spring semester for medical reasons. During a swim practice at Pitt my left arm went numb and as a result I spent the night in the ER. At the time the doctor thought I was having a stroke, but later it was found out that I have an extra rib on each side of my rib cage. In order to prevent further complications I needed to have surgery. So I left school and went home for a semester. I took online classes instead of attending classes per doctor's orders. Originally I had planned on returning to Pitt in the fall but then I realized how much I liked being closer to my boyfriend and decided to transfer.

I know that is kind of background but I wanted to explain why I am going to this school. Location, location, location. Just because I will be going to school full time in the fall doesn't mean that I won't be running and training though. I have found a few races that I want to run this fall but I don't really want to sign up for much yet because school will be my number one priority.

So far my schedule looks like this:
9.24- College Park Cares 5K
9.25- The Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5K (Baltimore)
9.30- The Great Prostate Cancer Challenge 5K (Harrisburg)
10.2- Warrior Dash Virginia
10.15- Baltimore Half Marathon
11.24- York YMCA Turkey Trot 5K
12.3- Hot Chocolate 5K & 15K
12.10- Santa's Sleigh 5K

I do not plan on doing all of these races but these are the ones that I am considering. I definitely plan on doing the Baltimore Half Marathon & the York YMCA Turkey Trot 5K though. If anyone has done any of these races or has any suggestions for ones that I should consider it would be greatly appreciated!


  1. so excited for your fall race schedule! looks awesome :) I used to run the YMCA turkey trot when I lived back home and it was always a blast!!!

  2. Aw, yay for fall race schedules! I am just starting to build mine. I am in the DC area, so we'll be pretty close! So far I am not signed up for any of these yet, but I'll have to try and work some in so we can meet! That's crazy about your ribs...wow! Glad you're back running/biking/swimming alright now:).