Monday, July 11, 2011

Keystone/Baltimore Training: Week 3

3 weeks down.. 14 more until the Baltimore Half Marathon! And I think it is something like 7 weeks until the Keystone State Sprint Triathlon! I am so excited still, and my training has been getting better. Even though my leg was really bothering me on Monday, my other run felt great and my leg is starting to feel better.

Spent the day with Callen and the family relaxing and having fun.

Run/Walk 1.92 miles @ 12:45
This run was incredibly painful and I ended up walking almost half of it. I wanted to run 3 miles but that just wasn't going to happen.

Took an extra rest day to let my leg calm down some. I was going to go swimming but didn't want to do anything to aggravate it.

Bike 9.8 miles @ 14.5 mph
First bike ride in awhile. I wanted to go faster but I started dying on the way back. I really need to work on getting my speed up on these rides.

Run 3.05 miles @ 10:36
Insanity, Cardio Recovery
This run felt great. I was so worried that my leg was going to hurt but it held up and did great. I ran on the trail, which really helped. I really liked this Insanity workout too. It was no cardio but a lot of deep muscle work.

Insanity, Core Cardio & Balance
I really liked this Insanity workout too. It wasn't insane cardio but still felt great and got me sweating. I especially like the hip flexor work at the end of the workout.

I stayed with Callen since he wasn't feeling well. We had a great weekend relaxing though

Weekly Totals: 4 hrs 9 min
Running: 4.97 miles, 56 min
Biking: 9.8 miles, 40 min
Strength: 1, 15 min
Insanity: 2, 1 hr 10 min
Other: walking, 1 hr 8 min


  1. looks like a good week and great on honoring your body with the added rest! you will benefit.

  2. great job this week!! i am excited for your upcoming races :)