Thursday, March 1, 2012

This Is the Beginning of A Great Month

I can't begin to explain how beautiful of a day today was. I am seriously loving of all this sunshine and warm weather we have been having lately. Today also means that February is officially over! February is my least favorite month so I'm really glad that today marks the first day of March.

I kicked March off with a 5 mile run. I was hoping to get in more than five miles but I didn't feel too great so I stopped at five. This was a really tough run for me but I am really glad I finished it. Runs like these make the good runs so much sweeter.

After I wrote about struggling during my run on Monday you would think that I would have learned my lesson about properly fueling before going for a run. I had a presentation this morning that had me super nervous and not hungry in the slightest for breakfast. And then I forgot my water bottle at my apartment. So no food and no water, off to a great start.

I made plans with some friends to go out to dinner so I knew I needed to get my run in right after class. I quickly grabbed some yogurt with granola, which I think was the cause of the stomach cramp I had for the majority of the run. I brought some nuun with me but I added too much water so it was pretty diluted.

When I bring hydration with me on runs I try to have a few sips every mile or so, since that is what it will be like on race day. Since I hadn't had anything to drink all day I decided to have a sip every half mile instead, which may have also contributed to the stomach cramp.

I haven't run since Monday so I know my legs were not tired from running, but they felt like bricks. I just felt slow in general and was counting down the minutes until I was done running. I ended up taking a few breaks to stretch and give myself a little break. I hate taking breaks during runs but these were much needed breaks that enabled me to finish the run.

I am going to do my long run this weekend since I am going home. My legs will really appreciate running on the soft surfaces of the running trail near my house. Hopefully this run will go much better than my other runs this week.

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