Thursday, March 22, 2012

What Comes Next

Now that the Rock N' Roll USA Half Marathon is over I am going to be shifting gears a little to triathlon training! I have already signed up for the Keystone State Olympic Triathlon in August and am looking at two others to also sign up for.

First is the Terrapin Sprint Triathlon at the University of Maryland. I have never done a triathlon before and want to do a small sprint as my first. This race consists of an 800 yard pool swim, a 12 mile bike leg, and a 5K run. The race consists of mostly students and Maryland alums, meaning a small field. I also want to do this race because it is about 40 minutes from my apartment and I can pick up my packet the morning of the race. It is rather difficult to drive in to pick up race packets in advance with my current class schedule. The University of Maryland pool was also my favorite to compete in and I have made a lot of great memories at that pool.

The other triathlon I am looking at doing is the General Smallwood International Triathlon in Marbury, Maryland. I really struggled to come up with an Olympic distance triathlon that I wanted to do. I thought about the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon but I was hesitant because I would need to book a hotel. Then I contemplated doing the DC Tri but couldn't get over how expensive the race is. In the end it doesn't matter because the DC Tri has been cancelled. Even though the General Smallwood International Triathlon is almost 90 minutes away from my apartment, I can't really beat the cheap price. I can also pick my packet up the morning of the race which is a huge plus.

What I am doing now is coming up with a plan for my training. I want to take triathlon training more serious so I am putting a lot of thought and effort into constructing my training plan. I am also taking this time to start learning about triathlon nutrition and fueling. I purchased the Triathlete's Training Bible at the beginning of the year so I have been consulting that as well as various websites to learn as much as I can about triathlons.

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