Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After math class today I headed over to the pool to get a 35 min workout in. I wanted to swim longer but the pool was only open until 3:00 and I got there at 2:25. I focused on doing 200's pull to build upper body strength and endurance. My fastest 200 was 2:40 with the pull buoy. I was so happy with that time because it was a 1:20 pace, which is what my reach goal pace is. My arms felt strong and powerful, and I hardly felt tired at the end of the workout. I was planning on heading upstairs to the gym to lift some weights after my swim and then head out for a bike ride but my stomach wasn't feeling the best so I just called it a day and went home. I really wanted to bike today but I didn't trust my stomach, especially since there are no bathrooms along the trail.

I feel like this week is going by so slowly. I am heading down to the Eastern Shore this weekend with Callen for his MS bike ride and I am really excited to get away with him. He will be biking 100 miles on Saturday and 50 miles on Sunday. I will be spending the weekend volunteering as a medical aid at various rest stops. Next year I want to be able to actually participate in the bike rides but this year I am in no shape to bike even the shortest 30 mile ride


  1. I agree. this week has definitely been going by SO slowly! boo! such an awesome swim! I am so impressed and inspired! I would like to be a better swimmer some day so it is fun to read about those who really know what they are doing! Have a good night!

  2. Congrats on a great swim. That's so nice that you are going to go support the ride! I need to volunteer at more rides/races...