Monday, June 6, 2011


With my first sprint triathlon coming up in a few weeks I am trying to make sure I hit all of my workouts. I went for a wonderful run in my vibrams today. It was a quick mile and a half because I didn't want to overdo it in my vibrams. This is only the second time that I have run in them and my love for them keeps growing. I didn't do any sprint work today but I still managed to run a 6:09 fastest pace. My overall pace was 11:31, which is much faster than I have been running lately. I finally felt fast and strong again.

I am also trying to really watch what I eat because I want to try to lose a few pounds. Over the past two years I have gained about 20 pounds. I assume it is because I went from swimming 20 hours a week to nothing for six months and then repeated that again. I would like to lose 10-15 pounds but my ultimate goal is just to get into fantastic shape and feel strong and confident. I truly believe that if you feel good about yourself than you will look good too. Today I had some oatmeal for breakfast, a lean cuisine macaroni for lunch, and a bagel and spinach for dinner.

My plan for this week:
Sunday- kayaking
Monday- run 1.62 miles
Tuesday- bike 16 miles, swim 60 min
Wednesday- bike 14 miles, run 1.5 miles, swim 60 min
Thursday- bike 20 miles, swim 60 min
Friday- run 50 min
Saturday- run 20 min

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  1. With those workouts you will definitely be in great shape in no time! I am so glad you posted about your vibrams. I am seriously so close to trying them but worried I will not have the patience to get used to them. I know I will have to obviously...but I dont know...we shall see what happens!