Monday, April 2, 2012

Triathlon Training Week 1

I know a lot of others bloggers do weekly recaps and honestly, I love reading them! I love seeing them address their training with honesty and owning up to their mistakes. I am going to do my best to post a weekly recap documenting my triathlon training so that I look back and see what did and didn't work.

Monday marked the first day of triathlon training for me! I wanted to a time trial in each of the three tri sports to establish a base so I can track improvement. I did my run time trial on Monday, which was a 5K. My current 5K PR is a 26:57 from the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, but I smashed that time going 25:41! This was also my first run after my half marathon so I'm surprised with how strong and fast my legs felt. My stomach was causing me more trouble than my legs!

Tuesday was a 2 mile recovery run. The goal was to try to keep my heart rate as low as possible and as a result my pace was super slow. But it was a really enjoyable run minus the cold temps. This was my first morning run in a very long time too! My legs were pretty tight the rest of the day so I was glad to have the afternoon off.

The plan was to do my bike time trial on Wednesday but I couldn't figure out how to set up my new bike computer. I decided to switch Sunday's planned easy ride to today instead. I did 30 minutes on the trainer in a really easy gear. The outside of my left lower leg was really sore so I wanted to keep it easy so I didn't aggravate it anymore.

I received some incredible news Wednesday night that had me dying to go for a run. I knew I wanted to do an interval run but I was debating how many repeats to do. In the end I settled on 3 x 800 with both a warm up and cool down for 3.1 miles total. I started off way too fast but the last two repeats were more consistent. It wasn't the best run I've ever had but I knew this workout would be worth doing regardless.

I was up pretty late Thursday night so Friday ended up being a rest day. It was nice to take an afternoon nap and not worry about fitting in a workout.

I wasn't quit sure what I wanted to do on Saturday so I decided to just see what I felt like as the week progressed. I settled on 4 miles easy since I wanted to go for a run. My knees were bothering me during this run so I made sure to keep the pace really easy and in control. I also iced and foam rolled after the run to give my knees a little extra TLC.

I was pretty pressed for time on Sunday so I was going to do the Insanity Cardio Recovery workout but I only made it about half way through. Something is better than nothing though.

Weekly Totals
  • Swimming: 
  • Biking: 30 min
  • Running: 12.27 miles
  • Total Hours: 3 hours

I wanted to still take it pretty easy this week since it was my first week back to training since my half marathon. Last time I jumped back into training too quickly and ended up irritating my IT bands. I am pretty happy with the workouts that I did get it, although I wish I would have biked more than once. I am especially pleased with Monday's run and I hope that was an indicator of things to come. I did a pretty good job getting enough sleep this week, which made it easier to workout in the mornings. What I need to focus on for next week is my nutrition though. This week I just kind of ate whatever and whenever. I know that my upset stomach on Sunday was a result of my poor eating choices. Overall, though, it was a decent week and I am excited for next week!


  1. Good job on your first week :)

  2. yay! glad you had a good first week!!! good luck in this next week :)