Friday, April 13, 2012

Avoiding the Pool

Even though I am in my third week of triathlon training (weeks one and two), I have yet to make it to the pool. Actually, the last time I went to the pool was back in December. I was hoping that starting triathlon training would motivate me to finally get myself to the pool for a much needed chlorine high. I have made plans every week to go to the pool for a workout, yet I still haven't gotten my swim on.

Excuses for not swimming

  • The swim is by far my strongest leg of the triathlon and I am well aware of it. When I wake up in the morning exhausted with no motivation to get out of bed I often tell myself that I can sleep in since I don't have to worry about the swim portion. So far I have sacrificed swimming for running, studying, club meetings, but primarily sleep. 
  • The locker rooms on campus are notorious for theft. I know this is a dumb excuse but it still worries/scares me. I have a lock but I lost the combination so I need to buy a new one. This is really nothing more than an excuse and something that I can easily remedy. On the to-do list for this weekend: buy a new lock.
  • The indoor pool is crowded and cold. I have always loved swimming outdoors but was never a big fan of swimming indoors. Luckily for me, UMBC just opened their outdoor pool. I can no longer use this excuse!
  • I don't want to have to carry around my swim stuff in my school backpack. This can easily be remedied with the purchase of a lock, so that I can leave my swim bag in a locker for the day and pick it up before I go home. 
Not make excuses any more, duh! As I was leaving campus today I walked by the outdoor and was craving a nice swim. I realized I am trying to force myself to wake up early to jump into a cold pool for no real reason. UMBC's outdoor pool is open for a few hours in the afternoon and a few hours in the evening every day. The main reason I love swimming outdoors so much is that I get to feel the sun beating down on me but am not hot because I am in the pool. I absolutely love this feeling and I think that if I try to schedule some swims for when the sun is shining and the air is warm I will happily hit the pool for a swim.

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