Monday, April 9, 2012

Triathlon Training Week 2

Week 2 didn't go as well as week 1 but there were a few highlights:

I'm not sure what was going on but my stomach was a mess all day. I would try to eat but then just feel nasty afterwards. I was going to try to get in a ride on the trainer but I decided no just make Monday a rest day in hopes of feeling better for the rest of the week.

Since Monday was a rest day I started off the week with a 30 minute hard ride on the trainer. I put on Biggest Loser and I must have been motivated by their trip to the White House to visit Michelle Obama because I was feeling great! I still haven't figured out how to set up my bike computer so I have no idea what my pace was but I felt so much better than my last ride.

Started the day off with my longest morning run to date: 4 miles! I was still a little sleepy but felt pretty good. Right now I am working on building up my endurance so I'm not worrying so much about my pace. I am really starting to enjoy these morning runs too! I finished off the day with a 30 min easy trainer ride. My legs were a little tired but started to loosen up during the ride. Followed up the ride with some foam rolling, which felt so good!

I was planning on doing another trainer ride on Thursday but I when I woke up my stomach was pretty sick so it ended up being another rest day. I actually didn't even go to class and just slept all day on the couch. Hopefully my stomach calms down soon and everything goes back to normal.

I was hoping to get in a morning workout before heading home for Easter but my body just wanted to sleep. I think I am fighting some sort of stomach bug because food isn't settling with me well and I am always tired. Anyways, I listened to my body and slept in. I did go for a two mile walk with my dad and my puppy once I was home though.

After 11 glorious hours of sleep I headed out to the trail near my parents house for an easy four mile run before meeting my dad for another three miles. I ended up with seven miles for the day, which I am very pleased with. I took it easy and felt pretty good the whole time. This was also the longest run since my half in March.

Sunday was my scheduled rest day and between celebrating Easter with my family and going back to school I didn't have any time to get in a workout.

Weekly Totals

  • Swimming:
  • Biking: 60 minutes
  • Running: 11 miles
  • Other: 2 mile walk
  • Total Hours: 3 hours 30 min
Week two was pretty rough overall but I still managed to get in a few good workouts. I'm really happy that I  ran seven miles on Saturday and that I felt so good doing so. I definitely had more rest days that planned but I knew resting was best. I didn't do so great with my nutrition with all of the Easter goodies but I did have a fantastic Easter dinner. I thought my upset stomach last week was due to poor food choices but now I think I may have been fighting a small stomach bug. I was really tired all week too, so I think multiple rest days were necessary.

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