Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Little Bit of A Panic

I am so over being sick. Besides the fact that being sick just sucks in general, it has made it nearly impossible for me to go for a run. I tried to go for a run Tuesday morning but only made it a mile before my obnoxious coughing made me walk back to my apartment.

I have a tendency to overreact in life, but right now I am really panicking that I am not prepared for the Rock N' Roll USA Half Marathon. The longest run I have done so far is only seven miles and I have only run twice in the last two weeks. I have been itching to get outside for a run but I can't stop coughing long enough to hit the pavement.

I know I still have a few weeks until the race but I really don't have a solid base to fall back on. My training for this race has been sub par and I am really kicking myself for that. I am hoping, though, that tomorrow will be the day that I can get back out there. It is such a sucky feeling to want to run and not be able to, not because of my legs, but because I have a cough.

On a better note, I have been able to get in some cross training while I've been sick. After my failed run Tuesday morning I did the Insanity recovery workout Tuesday afternoon and felt great. I love waking up sore from a good workout!

Do you workout when you are sick? How do you manage running with a cough?

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