Sunday, February 19, 2012

I Can't Do It All

I am really bummed to tell you that I have hardly been running the past two weeks. The work for my classes was starting to pick up and I felt overwhelmed. The feeling kept growing and now I am sick and I am pretty sure it is because I was trying to do too much. I am not making excuses because I know so many of you do way more than me and still find the time to train for events such as Ironmans.

Going into this semester I had big plans to join a bunch of clubs and try all sorts of new things. I wanted to join the ultimate frisbee intramural team, learn how to rock climb, join the transfer student honor society, participate in relay for life, continue being a member of the Russian Club all while taking six classes. And add training for a half marathon and finding enough time to spend with my boyfriend.

After the first few weeks of school I realized that while some people may be able to juggle one million things, I am not one of those people. When I do something I like to do it well and put a lot of effort into it, and I finally realized that I could not do all of those above mentioned things well.

I have decided to take a step back and realize what things are most important to me right now and only focus on those things. Of course school and my relationship come first. And even though I have not exactly been diligent about my running lately it is actually really important to me and I need to do a better job at finding time for it. As for the clubs go, I am going to keep participating with the Russian Club when I can.

I am also making it a point this semester to work on creating some sort of social life for myself. I had the same two best friends my entire life but now they live four hours away. I miss having that interaction and being able to just kickback with some girlfriends and have a good time.

So now that the Rock N' Roll USA Half Marathon is only about four weeks away, I am kicking my running into high gear. I have been working with my calendar to actually schedule times to both run and study so that nothing has to be compromised.

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