Thursday, February 16, 2012

Let's Talk About Shoes

I love my Brooks Adrenalines. I really do. I just bought my second pair in the limited edition purple ones and can't wait to try them out. I guess I need to get it out there before I continue with this post: I love shoes. It is possible that I have a shoe obsession. And of course this obsession includes running sneakers.

When I first started running I wanted a pair of Nike somethings. I don't remember but they looked so cool. When I went to the running specialty store though, they told me that I need shoes with a lot of support because I overpronate. As a result I ended up with my first pair of Brooks Adrenalines.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were shopping at Dick's for some ski gear when I spotted a pair of trail running shoes that didn't look obnoxious. I have only gone trail running once but I really want to take advantage of the trails near my apartment once the warmer weather sets in. Guess what that means.. I need want to buy trail running shoes!

Now I probably don't need trail running shoes at all but they look so sweet! Maybe if I start trail racing I will need a pair of trail running shoes..

When I was looking up trail running shoes online I ended up at the Brooks website and stumbled upon their Pure Project collection. I have seen these shoes before but had no idea they released them in more colors. I instantly loved the newest color collection, a white with coral (ish?) highlighting.

I love this color combo and how summery the shoe looks, but hate how dirty they would get on the dirt trail where I run when at home. So maybe they would be best for racing since they are a lighter shoe! But I also like them in the black/purple combo..

When I was at my local running store I was told that a new edition of the Brooks Adrenalines were released a little while ago, which of course means new colors! 

Of course there is a limited edition color for the new editions too. They are not as exciting as the others sneakers but are still a funky color combo that will not easily go unnoticed.

I'm sorry if you are wondering if there was really a point to this post because there is not. Simply put, I like shoes and felt the need to share some of my favorites with all of you. Don't judge me based on this post alone.

What shoes do you run in? Do you love shoe shopping, even for running shoes?

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