Thursday, May 26, 2011

Weekend Getaway

Tomorrow morning my family is flying down to Greensboro, North Carolina for my cousins wedding. I will be gone until Sunday night. We are going to the rehearsal dinner tomorrow night, the wedding Saturday night, and a brunch on Sunday morning. I am really looking forward to getting all dressed up and seeing my family that I don't get to see often. However, this weekend is my two year anniversary with Callen and I wish we weren't going to be apart. He was away at a bike ride last year too.

Today I was supposed to go for a 15 mile bike ride. I was planning on going out around 6:30 tonight when it wouldn't be sot hot out. But then a tornado came rolling in and ruined my plan. I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes so even a watch was enough to keep me inside. I really can't miss any bike workouts since that is my weakest leg of triathlons. I thought about switching my long run tomorrow morning into a bike ride but I really need to run tomorrow. I should be back early enough on Sunday to get a bike ride in though.


  1. ohhh i am sooo terrified of tornadoes as well. stay safe!!

    enjoy your weekend! sounds like it will be a great get-away! hope you can get your bike ride in as well :)

  2. Ah, tornadoes!! That's so scary!! Definitely a good idea to skip that one. I hope you had a great weekend!!