Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Very Hot Run

Todays workout consisted of a 2.88 mile run. I honestly don't even remember my pace because it was so awful. It was around 80 degrees outside during my run and the sun was shining in full force. It was a beautiful day but pretty darn hot. This run marks that longest training run that I have done since I started running. (When I was swimming during my freshmen year of high school we used to run 5-6 miles every Saturday. It was equal to death.) I took a somewhat different path that I normally do, which proved to be very refreshing. I didn't get to run yesterday since I was out shoe shopping for the wedding coming up. When I got home it was storming so I decided to just go out today instead. No biggie. The only problem is that I am supposed to bike 10 miles tonight but by the time Callen comes up it will probably be storming again and I really wanted to go riding with him. We decided on going out tomorrow morning for a ride but who knows if that will actually happen.

Now I am not sure the reason why but my calves were verrry tight during my run today. I tried new sunscreen which could have been the reason (I am allergic to most), or it could just be that I am tight from last weeks workouts. I am not sure but I really hope my legs feel better tomorrow. I really don't like feeling slow, hot, and tight all at once when I am hardly running any miles right now. I am doing a bunch of different stretches with hopes of loosening up my legs some. I'll let you guys know how everything is tomorrow.


  1. hope your legs are feeling better tomorrow! so it definitely feels hot out today here as well...I am about to take my lil pup out for a jog. She thinks it is going to be fun but I know she is going to be dramatic fast about the heat. its definitely not anywhere close to 80 degrees though...haha. if only she knew ;) have a good night :)

    awesome job on your run!!!!!!

  2. I HATE running in the heat. I am praying for your little legs to feel better!! YAY for more yoga in your life goal for May!!!!