Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Brick Workout

After my math class today I hit the pool for a swim. I was only planning on doing 30-40 min but swam for an hour instead since one of my former teammates was lifeguarding. I felt lame only doing an hour compared to the 2 & a half I used to do every night. But then I remembered that I am not that kind of swimmer anymore and that I am okay with that. I knocked out 2,500 yards of mostly freestyle with some kicking mixed in. I felt great after my workout and was so glad that I swam for the full hour.

A few hours after I got home I did a mini-brick workout: 15 minutes on the bike, 10 minutes running. I wanted to bike for 30 min but the heat was killing me in addition to the monstrous hills near my house. I did much better on the hills than before and averaged 15 mph for the 15 min. Then I headed out for my run. I felt strange at first after biking but then I recovered and was on my way. I was so glad that I did this brick workout even though it was short. I am figuring out what I still need to work on before my triathlon.

Because it was so hot outside I jumped in the pool with my puppy after my workout. We just hung out in the pool for awhile and I did a little aqua jogging to loosen up my legs. It felt great to be able to cool off after such a hot workout.

Tomorrow I am going to the store to buy some gels or something of that sort. I have never used gels or chews before so I am asking what I should try and which flavors. I tried the jelly beans once and really liked them


  1. wow! awesome workout today! and I love that you recovered by jumping in the pool with your pup :) i bet that was so refreshing!

  2. Outstanding workout!! I use Gu gels for running and Gu Chomps for when I am on my bike. I am still trying to find my favorite flavor but so far I am stuck on lime for the gels and watermelon for the Chomps although I will say the watermelon flavor is a little bit strong for me and makes me want more water. Let us know what you go with I am always looking to try new yummy energy treats!