Thursday, May 19, 2011

Triathlon Goals & How to Achieve Them

Right now I made a list of goals for my triathlon, but instead of making them for the tri as a whole they are for the separate legs. By splitting it up like this I will be able to focus more on each leg and have a better game plan for tackling those legs.

For the swim:
A. Sub 6:40 (1:20) <- This is my reach goal
B. Sub 7:00 (1:24)
C. Sub 7:30 (1:30)
D. Sub 8:00 (1:36)

Out of these goals, I think I can achieve all of them but my A goal. This goal will be a challenge for me, but I like the challenge. In order to swim sub 7:00, or possibly 6:40, I am going to try to swim for an hour twice a week. I will be focusing on freestyle pulling. I will probably just do 100's in the beginning but them work my way up to doing 200's and 300's. I did a 100 free pull yesterday at 1:19 so my goal is to be able to hold a 1:20 pace during the 500. By the end of that 100 though my arms were pretty weak and felt kinda like noodles so this is where my strength training will come in handy. I was also struggling more with my breathing than ever before so I want to make sure I stick with a three-breathing pattern. Additionally, I will be counting my strokes and doing freestyle drills to make sure that my stroke is as efficient as possible.

For the bike:
A. Sub 1:00 (15 mph)
B. Sub 1:10 (12.86 mph)
C. Sub 1:20 (11.25 mph)
D. Sub 1:30 (10 mph)

I really don't think I will be able to do the bike in under an hour but I am putting that as my reach goal. I have done easy bike rides at 12 mph so you would think I could do the ride in that time. The problem is all the hills.  In order to master the hills on the bike course I plan on doing hill repeats at least once a week. I am not worried about the distance as much as doing 15 miles of hills. If this course was flat I could do it easily. But it isn't and I need to be able to power up these hills. Not only am I not prepared to go up hills I am also pretty nervous about doing the downhills. My neighborhood is pretty hilly so I will be doing a lot of my hill rides there. I also want to bike the actual course a few times to make sure that I can actually do it.

For the run:
A. Sub 30:00 (9:40)
B. Sub 32:30 (10:29)
C. Sub 35:00 (11:17)
D. Sub 40:00 (12:54)

I ran my 5K in just under 30 minutes so my reach goal is sub 30. I really don't know how my run will be after such a hard bike course so that is where my brick workouts will come in handy. I plan on biking for about 30 minutes and then running for 10-15. I want to work up to being able to doing longer brick workouts but for starting I will stick with just 30-15. Since I am not sure how this run will go my goal is to build up speed during my weekly runs. If I can run faster than I shouldn't do too badly after the biking.

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  1. My worst discpline is the bike, but I somehow always underestimate myself. I think having a variety of goals is the best way to go about a race!