Sunday, July 29, 2012

Keystone State Tri Training Week 2

After a hectic weekend I was in much need of some sleep. I decided not to do a workout in the morning in favor of some glorious hours with my comforter and pillow. After catching up on sleep I headed to the track for five miles. I did 7x 400 hard, 400 recovery. I died a little bit but was still faster than last week. It constantly amazes me how much progress I'm making lately. I sure am loving it though.

After sleeping in on Monday I was ready to hit the ground running on Tuesday. I went to the gym for 50 minutes of strength training followed by yoga. I was a little sore after Monday's track workout but going to yoga really made a big difference.

I took the opportunity to head up to Pinchot State Park, the location of my upcoming tri, to preview the bike course. I rode only one of the required three loops because each loop is pretty hilly and right now I still need to take baby steps. Despite the hills the ride wasn't quite as rough as I was expecting. Then in the evening I went out for an easy 2 mile recovery jog. Nothing fancy, just some active recovery.

Thursday morning I woke up to storms which lasted the entire day. I went to yoga but was unable to get in any other workouts due to the weather.

Friday morning I went back up to Pinchot for another bike ride. Despite my struggle last time this ride was wonderful. It flew by and I was smiling the entire time. Afterwards I laced up my sneaks for a 2 mile transition run. In the evening I went to the gym for some strength training with my boyfriend after a delicious dinner out.

Rest day!

I woke up early before we left for vacation for a 4 mile hilly run through my neighborhood. It was terribly slow since I had only had four hours of sleep but I did pretty well on the hills still. Then my boyfriend and I went for a run in the evening making my total 7.25 miles for the day.

Weekly Totals:
  • Biking: 19.57 miles
  • Running: 16.25 miles
  • Strength: 50 min
  • Yoga: 60 min
  • Total Hours: 8 hours 3 min

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