Sunday, July 8, 2012

General Smallwood Training Week 15

I did my last hard swim Monday morning. It was a short swim, only 1600 yards, but it got the blood flowing and my muscles ready to swim come race day.

I was hoping to get in a run Tuesday morning but I was really tired and figured the extra sleep would be good. I still went to a 60 minute yoga class to make sure I was all stretched out.

My dad and I went for a super easy 12.63 mile bike ride in the morning. It was hot out but wasn't bad on the bike. I felt really comfortable and at ease on the bike.

Thursday was a much needed complete day of rest. I took a nap and enjoyed relaxing all day.

Friday morning I went for a really easy 2 mile shakeout run. It was hot out but my legs felt pretty decent. I had wanted to do a swim in the evening too but the pool ended up being closed for a swim meet.

My first triathlon! You can read the recap here.

A full day filled with rest and recovery. Perfect.

Weekly Totals
  • Swimming: 3100 meters
  • Biking: 37.53
  • Running: 8.2 miles
  • Yoga: 60 min
  • Total hours: 6 hours 32 min

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